Therapy Sessions and Payment

Therapy sessions take 45 minutes. During first session, it is for your benefit to give as much information as possible to the psychologist for her to understand you and your needs in detail as well as your aims and expectations out of therapy.

Please call 0543 953 5661 or e-mail for appointment or further information. Sessions should be cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment for refund.

Client Rights

Dr. Özge Mergen, cares about the following issues:

  • Respecting the client
  • Informing the client on the procedure
  • Informing the client on progress
  • Providing a professional service
  • Informing the client on the expenses
  • Finding a mutual purpose with the client
  • Informing the client on the length of therapy
  • Respecting the clients’ ethnic background and cultural values